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How We Work

Flat Hierarchy

DXdao governs itself based on consensus. There is no CEO. Decisions are made through a decentralized, democratic process.

Ideas are shared in a transparent manner on Keybase, Telegram, Discord, or a DXdao recorded meeting, and proposed more formally on Through these channels, the DXdao community has the opportunity to refine and question these proposals in order to come to consensus on the direction of DXdao.

DXdao’s flat hierarchical structure also encourages contributors to work effectively with a high degree of autonomy. If you see a problem, fix it. If you have an idea, share it on or any other community medium to get the ball rolling on how to implement it.


DXdao functions in teams of contributors that are referred to as squads. Contributors within each squad coordinate responsibilities amongst themselves to further the interests of the DXdao community and its products. Each squad focuses on a specific product and / or area of business.

DXdao Squads:

  • Business Development

  • Ecosystem and Product Development

  • Governance

  • Marketing / Communications / Community

  • Mesa

  • Omen

  • Swapr

Squad Leaders

Each squad has a squad leader that is the point of contact for inter-squad coordination and new contributors. The squad leader takes on an organizational role in roadmapping strategy and tracking the progress of contributors within the squad. This is a relatively new position that has been recently created in DXdao. The intention is to have rotating squad leaders.

Current DXdao Squad Leaders:

Business Hours

As a jurisdictionless organization that exists on the Ethereum blockchain, DXdao does not have set business hours. Contributors are expected to be available during the week and may participate in weekend meetings, when necessary.

Each contributor should communicate the timezone and hours in which they are available to the people in their squad(s).


DXdao contributors are welcome to take their respective national, cultural, and / or religious holidays. It is recommended that DXdao contributors take off twelve (12) days per year that are considered paid national holidays. This is, however, flexible. It is important to communicate that you are not available for a holiday to other contributors before the day in question.

DXdao Holidays:

  • New Years Day (Jan. 1)


Contributors are encouraged to take vacation when needed. This time should be communicated to the community and be reduced from your contributor compensation based on the number of days you intend to take off.